Interesting Android SmartWatch Over at ToM today


I’ve covered some Android USA watches in the past (here and here), but those were from before the whole smart watch segment really started to get some traction.  Well, all the big new is the Android Wear, but that doesn’t mean that Android USA (not affiliated with Google) doesn’t have something in the segment.


How I came across this particular watch, the SmartWatch, was actually a bit of a roundabout way – via the daily sales pages over at TouchOfModern.  While this smart watch may not have all of the “gee whiz” features of the upcoming stuff from Motorla and LG, it does have the advantage of being available today, and being just about universally compatible (check the list here).


It does, of course, share the same sort of “square on a strap” design that’s been the trend in the segment to date.  Fortunately, if you’ve been thinking about getting one, you can get one of the four different models from ToM (sale page) for a hefty 33% discount, netting a price of $199.

Oh, and should you need an invite to sign up, feel free to follow this link to get access.


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