June 2014 Giveaway: Project Watches Nadir


Today, we’ve got a new month, and of course a brand-new giveaway to kick off.  This one is a bit unique, as it’s actually a watch I reviewed over at our sister site, aBlogtoWatch.  Before getting into the details of the giveaway, feel free to pop on over there and take a look at what the watch is all about.

Now that that’s out of the way, head on over to Project Watches and check out their catalog, as you’ll need some familiarity with it for the required entry below.  Ok, now that we’ve got that out of the way, feel free to use the widget below to get your entries in.

Good luck!





  • Gary Williams

    My favorites were the foretell, deja vu, and the ’till watches. The one I would probably wear for sure is the ’till watch. Although I’d love to wear the foretell watch just so when someone asked me a question I can say lemme check what my watch says and then answer with what it says. It would be a blast.

  • Steve Mulder

    Very curious about the Reveal models. Love to see those in person

  • bdraguts

    There are a ton of interesting watches coming from them. Really cool stuff.

  • mh

    I like the interesting ways to present the information.

  • Bill Jones

    Cool design!

  • Bill Jones

    I really like that crossover black

  • Seth

    That Reveal Brass watch, both due to brass and face geometry with only the partial face showing — really interesting! Love that look!

  • HardRoc

    This is a really neat concept, haven’t seen anything like it before

  • G

    Interesting concepts. It’ll take a while of wearing it to see how usable and readable it is.

  • jvet88

    I’m a fan of the Lunaround design. The simple geometry of the moon is effective.

  • Eric Shen

    Cubit for sure, can’t think of any other hexagonal watches!

  • Alyshia

    The Digital Destruction Brass Watch LCD Watch is very unique. I love how they incoprate so many different styles for so many peoples own expressions.

  • hawkman2

    Hey cool watch. I like the floating hands.

  • penemio

    The Gluckman-Mayner Spare Watch in Black

  • Trevor Grayson

    Extremely unique! Absolutely live it

  • rdbcatcher

    love the spartan nature of the watch, esoteric yet classic

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