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The April 2017 WWR Giveaway: The Konifer Sequoia Maple Watch & Koa wood ring

This month, we have an opportunity for you to win a slice of wood that is either massive or minuscule, depending on what you’re planning to do with it.  If, on one hand, you want to start a fire, then yeah, this will disappear quickly.  On the other hand, if you plan to use the wood for a watch, then something like this 50mm Konifer Sequoia Maple watch will show up on your wrist easily enough.

While I personally have moved away from the draw of the wooden watch, I do understand it.  It certainly gives a warmer, organic look and feel to the whole package, and it does make for a rather lightweight watch as well.  How well they hold up over time, well, that’s anyone’s guess. Then again, at the prices they’re asking for these (generally sub-$150, and more commonly under $100) you probably won’t be too heartbroken if it does break.

That makes for sort of a weird dichotomy, then – you have something that is basically – at some point – a disposable good, not meant to be maintained for generations, made of a material that can be easily turned into all manner of other stuff.  Perhaps best not too think too much on it.  Any which way, you can read what Jim had to say about the watch right here, and then you can get entered to win your own copy of the watch, as well as the koa wood and tungsten ring (20.36mm inside diameter)

The Sequoia Maple looming over the author’s 7″ wrist

As with our prior contests, this is open to residents of North America (due to shipping costs).  To get your entry in, it’s a fairly simple affair:

  1. Comment below on what your favorite material to have a watch made from is
  2. Then, head on over to the giveaway page and complete your entry

Our thanks to Konifer for sponsoring the giveaway; to our readers – good luck!



  • Jim B

    Steel always works for me

  • Rich Schott

    That maple watch is impressive!

  • Kyle S

    Titanium is great although steel is always solid.

  • WRRHalum

    Welllll, the watch itself? Steel is a reliable fallback.

  • Jeffrey Gougeon

    Stainless steel is still my favourite watch material.

  • Rich Dross

    Stainless steel

  • Justine

    Steel, though I love the wooden look.

  • bryan arent

    Stainless Steel

  • Bruce Long

    Stainless steel is a must although I really fancy having a Titanium watch one day, my biggest issue is I have since the age of 9 (48 years) always worn my watch under my wrist so whatever it is made from will need to have an offset crown for comfort.

  • SeanM

    Carbon fiber

  • 123dlb

    Stainless Steel

  • striker_o

    Stainless steel is always perfect.

  • Galen

    Stainless steel. Id like to own something with ceramic as a curiosity.

  • Kartika Sari

    steel is the best for me. 🙂

  • joy venters

    walnut has always been my fav wood so if I had a watch made of walnut I’d be on top of the world