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Hello, Bees! It’s the Projects Watches Reason to Bee

Spring is – supposedly – just around the corner. That means we’re going to be seeing things come into bloom, which means that we’ll see those friendly, fuzzy little pollinators zipping around as well. Fittingly, then, we’ve got the Projects Watches Reason to Bee coming onto the scene.

Off into the wild blue yonder with the Projects Watches Beyond the Horizon

Not all that long ago, just the other week, in fact, we were mentioning Projects Watches in another writeup that was talking about a watch that focused on a new, funkier sort of design-driven watch.  This time around, we’ve got an industrial designer and architect (both from Spain) powering up the Projects Watches Beyond the Horizon.

Projects Watches Compass: It’s What’s On The Outside That Counts

As a watch geek I get very excited about the inner workings of a watch, so when information on the Projects Watches Compass originally came across my desk, honestly I wasn’t all that excited – basic quartz movement, basic round case, basic leather strap, nothing to see here. Then I started doing a bit of research on the brand (which I’d not heard of previously) and checking out some of their other offerings. Cue a bit of excitement. Then, I checked out the animations of the Compass in action and the excitement level grew considerably. Suddenly I wasn’t thinking about what was inside the watch, but simply how it made me feel. This is exactly the reaction that Project Watches wants to invoke with their designs. It works!

Introducing the Projects Watches Overlap and Tangency

If you’ve been reading us for any amount of time now, you know we (and, presumably, you and your fellow watch lovers) like unique presentations and designs.  Sure, not every design will please everyone, but sometimes you just have to take a stab at things, and see what works.  Projects Watches has been turning out interesting creations that spring from the minds of folks who don’t normally design watches – think, architects and electronics gurus.  The latest creations to hit their catalog are the Overlap and the Tangency.

Introducing the Projects Watches Elos and Hatch

We just caught wind of a few new watches from Projects Watches that we thought we be of interest to you.  As you’ve seen in some of our prior coverage, Projects Watches creates some interesting designs, relying on the talents of accomplished designers from other industries.  This time around, we’re going to take a look at what they have on offer with the Elos and Hatch.

Architectural horology: introducing the Alexander Calder mobile-inspired Xela

This is a ridiculous watch. And that’s the beauty of the thing. The watch world does not need the 597th Kickstarter campaign for a basic three-hander that “cuts out the middleman”—we need the Alexander Calder mobile-inspired handset of this unconventional take on time telling. At $135, this Miyota quartz-powered piece is a fun way to introduce the architects in your life to watches, or add a punch of color to your collection.

Carve out some time for Projects Watches

By now, you are no doubt aware that we here at WWR dig into the design details of the watches we learn about and review. One of the many areas of focus is often the dial. With this, we often wax semi-poetically about the various levels and changes of texture on a dial – or, conversely, how well a simple, matte dial works in a particular watch. If you find yourself more in the textured detail camp, then the just announced Projects Watches Carve is the one for you.

Projects Watches Brings M&Co and Mado to your wrist

While it can be hard to stay on top of all of the new watches that are released by the smaller brands (as there is not necessarily a pattern to the schedule), we do our best to stay on top of it.  Of course, that is helped along by our relationships with those brands, as we generally hear about things in advance.  One of those brands is of course Projects Watches.  Today, we’re going to cover three watches that they have coming out this month.