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Swiss Army Watches: They’re Getting Better


Detailed discussion of Swiss Army Watches over at WuS. I’ve actually been quite impressed with some of them, especially their newer mechanical line. What’s your experience been?

Good value for the money and they have gotten serious. They have
been selling mechanical watches for some time and have a three year

Opinion — Swiss Army Watches – Watchuseek Watch Forums

When a Guilloche Ain’t a Guilloche

guilloche.jpgChad the Watch Guy caught some shop and home freaks talking about a beautiful “flying Guilloche” on a cheap hunk of watch they were flogging. His response? Bull!

Beautiful patterns are meticulously carved into metal using an old rose machine –one that has not been manufactured in over fifty years. You can count master guillocheurs on one hand, and none have the ability to “mass” produce. Even high-end companies like Chronoswiss stamp their dials to mimic an original guilloche style.

The Rare Flying Guilloche [Chad the Watch Guy]

The Rarest Seiko of All



Trust me, people. This Seiko is not worth $1,000 or $3,800. It’s a standard Frankenseiko with a unique face. I don’t understand what this guy is trying to pull, but the Seiko forums have seen this guy pop up over and over again. Very strange.

Crap like this has made me stop using eBay.

eBay: Rare Seiko 6159-7001 300M GS Diver item 120078258069 end time Jan-29-07 01:35:40 PST

What Am I Paying For?


Sell fake Panerais

A good thread on the Big Watch Forum discusses the problem most watch newbies have with paying $4000 for a hunk of steel. I’m pretty much past that stage, but just remember watch fans: you and potentially five other people in your metro area will be able to recognize and appreciate that hunk of steel for what it really is…
Not to sound like a complete idiot…

Hublot Big Bang: Played Out?


hublotsml.jpgLooks like Hublot has finally jumped the shark with the Big Bang. They’ve driven it so deeply into the ground that even guys like Chad, who SELLS watches for a living, is sick of it. I liked it at first – it has a nice style, a nice heritage, and a nice story. However, now that they’ve covered it over with rose gold, diamonds, and elf sprinkles, I’m getting kind of tired of it.

Not Such A Hit! [Chad the Watch Guy]

When Morons Attack


Tag Heuer Carrera Mens Watch CV2010.BA0786This quote from this WuS thread says it all.

A dufus came into the shoppe yesterday wearing a fairly new TAG
Carrara Chrono. One of the pushers had fallen out and so to make the
watch look “even,” this brain dead twit pulled out the other pusher
with a pair of pliers. To top it off, he wasn’t going to have it repaired,
plus he has a girlfriend! I hope they don’t get married and
have kids.

Moron of the Month – [Watchuseek Watch Forums]

Pick a Winner

Here we go. Here are 5 great posts by 5 great readers on why they deserve an Alpha GMT. Please vote on your favorite after the jump.

Prove You Need A Sweep GMT – Win the Alpha GMT Diver

Friends, neighbors, and esteemed readers – here’s a doozy of a contest. Prove to me that you need a sweep GMT hand because you live in a very special spacial rift between continents and I’ll send you a brand spanking new Alpha GMT Diver. Leave a comment after this post and then we’ll see who has the best reasoning. Then you’ll have in your hot little hand an Alpha GMT diver. I’d rather give this thing away than take a hammer to it.

Multiple Watches – A Sickness? A Perversity?


Dassaugen1897.jpgScott at WatchUSeek.com asks:

How often do you switch watches? I recently got my second dream watch and now find myself changing watches at least daily – and in some cases twice a day. Is this a disease or am I normal? Help!

Scott, it is a disease and is as pernicious as VD or a case of red eye. You should immediately go out and buy a Timex from the local drug store, put it on, and don’t take it off until the rubber strap shreds into a disgusting, sweat-stinking mass of plastic by-product. At that point, you’ll probably be cured. Unless you put on a Seiko.

Changing watches [WatchUSeek]