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The New PZL 37B Chronograph by G. Gerlach is a bomb(er)

G. Gerlach’s new PZL 37B mechanical chronograph is Polish-bred and Chinese-powered. The PZL 37B takes its name from Word War II era Polish bombers, some of which sported G. Gerlach manometers to measure airspeed and altitude. It’s a neat coincidence, which G. Gerlach emphasizes through an engraving of the plane on the solid caseback.


That solid caseback hides the Chinese Seagull ST1902 movement, which is a shame. Even undecorated, a manual column wheel chronograph is so interesting that the solid caseback is an unfortunate compromise. The Seagull has a 42-hour power reserve and—typical for a Seagull—there are sub-dials at 9:00 and 3:00 for running seconds and the 30-minute timer, respectively.


Not-so-typical is the crown at 10:00, which I find a nice touch both visually and functionally. Visually, it evokes a monopusher chronograph on the left side of the case, with the standard crown/pusher trio on the right side. So you get the best of both worlds aesthetically, but the technical advantage of being able to stop and restart the chronograph. The 10:00 crown controls a rotating bezel recessed under the double-domed, internally AR-coated sapphire glass. Some might think the extra crown makes the 43 mm case crowded, but it allows for both a secondary timer and a thin polished bezel, reducing clutter by merging the dial and bezel.


The black dial is printed with white numbers and registers, and has skeletonized white hands. The chronograph functions are called out by a red center seconds hand and a red hand on the chronograph register. The whole package is masculine but understated.


The best part is the price, which at press time was PLN 1,950, or about $500. Generously, you get both a light brown leather strap with pin buckle and a stainless Milanese mesh band. That’s a great price for a Seagull ST1902-powered chronograph, but add the internal bezel, the pair of straps, and all the other features G. Gerlach packs in and you almost feel bad paying so little. Almost.


Tech specs:

Case: 43 x 52 mm

WR: 100m

Glass: sapphire, double domed, internal transparent AR coating

Movt: Seagull ST1902

Strap: genuine leather strap + Milanese mesh band

Box: solid wood

Warranty: 24M

Price: PLN1950 (~$500)

Introducing a new Estonian watch, the Wõitleja

With watches, we are often curious about those that come from countries that are not particularly known for their watchmaking, or perhaps as a way of diversifying a collection to represent all those different countries.  Estonia is a small Baltic country that really is not known for watches.  We did review one a while ago, and now we have another one to add to the list of those you could be on the look for – the Wõitleja, by Estonia1918.

Vintage vibes with the Vapaus Veli

As you probably surmised from that title, I have a thing for alliteration. Well, several types of word play, but we have what we have on hand. Know what else I have a thing for? As it turns out, it’s watches with a slick vintage feel. Show me a watch with a thin case, minimal bezel, and a visibly domed crystal, and I am definitely paying attention. This is a style that we see pop up now and again, and I do not get tired of running across it. The latest iteration find itself with a Swiss-made heart, and goes by the name of the Vapaus Veli.

Introducing Arcane Watches


Hey, guys and gals, ready to hear about another new watch brand that’s starting up? Wait, wait, don’t run away. What if I told you it was all American-made (not just built in the States)? Ok, ok, well, how about if it managed to recycle not just old pocket watch movements (that’s how you can get an American-made movement), but also the material used for the case? Well, then, hopefully we have your interest, as the new Arcane Watches look to be interesting.

Marching doubletime with the Steinhart Military 47


You know who we haven’t talked about in quite a while?  Germany-based Steinhart, that’s who!  They just recently announced the Steinhart Military 47, which ticks off a lot of the checkboxes you might be considering for a vintage-style military watch.

Introducing the Junghans Meister Driver Handaufzug


As you are no doubt aware, BaselWorld will be kicking off again here pretty soon, which means we will start seeing a lot more announcements about new models and versions.  A lot of this comes from the luxury brands, and that is not really where we tend to dwell here at WWR.  No, we like our watches affordable and interesting.  Sure, the Junghans Meister Driver Handaufzug is not a sub-$500 indie watch, but this one certainly checks off a lot of boxes for me.

The Marloe Cherwell – A Personal Relationship

Marloe Cherwell 02OK, you only have a few dozen hours to get behind the crowd-funded kick off of the Marloe Cherwell, but better late than never, am I right?  The brand was nice enough to loan me black and white dial versions, and I really liked them.  OK, I was probably predisposed, since the watches are hand wound minimalist watches without a date window, but just because a watch was built practically with me in mind, that does not mean I would love it, or does it?

Vortic Boston 48, Take a Step Back in Time

Vortic Boston 48 - 1I very rarely get excited about the packaging of a watch; hey its a box…  If there is an accessory in there, a watch roll, a tool, spare straps, then it is a nice bonus.  But when I pulled the Vortec Boston 48 out of it’s shipping box to reveal the outer packaging, string wrapped and wax sealed, I instantly felt like I was unwrapping an old school product, even though it was shipped vial UPS next day from ½ way across the country.

IWC Big Pilot’s Heritage Watch, Bigger and Bigger-er

IWC Big Pilot's Heritage WatchDo you like large watches?  Of course, you have to define what a large watch is, and that varies from person to person, but anything around 50mm for me qualifies as a large watch.   The largest watch I own is a 47mm, and it is noticeably larger than the rest of my collection.  Well, now I may need to rethink my upper end.  The IWC Big Pilot’s Heritage Watch comes in two flavors, with the smaller of the two sitting at 48mm.  The larger one, a very robust 55mm.

Ball Watch Trainmaster Cleveland Night Express

I will be the first to admit – I am a sucker for watches that include tritium tubes.  While many of them definitely hit more of a tool- or sport-watch feel, there are ones out there that take things in a more classic, or even dressy, sort of a style.  I like that juxtaposition of a classic bit of watch styling mashed up with, well, atomic age technology for illuminating the watch at night.  While they live in the luxury end of the segment, the watches from Ball certainly fit that bill, and their latest, the Ball Watch Trainmaster Cleveland Night Express, looks to be another interesting iteration.