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Blancier’s New Regulator


Blancier just created a new in-house manufacture, the Regulator. It’s essentially a big minutes hand movement with seconds and hours at 9 and 3 o’clock, respectively, and it’s all done in-house. Blancier – Lottermann & Söhne

Hands-on: Christopher Ward C5 Malvern 595

Simplicity is hard to do. Features and flash move product. It takes courage to market a watch based on what it lacks. But that is the essence of the Christopher Ward C5 Malvern 595—a watch that is great for what it leaves out.

Weiss, a Land Rover, and a field watch to match

Cameron Weiss is the kind of guy to forge his own path. Like many men, he has a fondness for the simplicity and ruggedness of a Land Rover. So much so, that he went a road trip in the beloved Landy, and then built a watch to commemorate it. This is that watch.

Patek Philippe 5970 – Worthless

Patek screws up. Big time.

What? What’s the problem? Well, you simply cannot rapidly and accurately read the stopwatch time between 27 and 33 seconds as the calender cuts in to the stopwatch scale. 0/10 for function Patek. Sorry, but it’s just not acceptable to make GLARING FUNCTIONAL ERRORS on watches this expensive. However, it is becoming more and more common through the industry. I can quote other examples but why bother? Nobody seems interested. These type of watches remain sales successes with the general public and get worshipped even by the cognoscenti. Here’s the 5970 and question is, what’s the stopwatch time?

Patek Philippe 5970 – Pasta Timer or True Chronograph? [Velociphile’s Journey into Watches]

Tic Toc Goes the New TOC Watch

Based in Dublin, Ireland, TOC watch is a new Kickstarter Watch brand founded by two lads by the name of Max and Will. In 2016, deep discussion of what makes a watch great grew into action. Starting on July 26th, 2017 the Kickstarter campaign will begin on their watch, the TOC19. The TOC19 is inspired by the Bauhaus era and uses a hand wound movement for its simplicity. They were kind enough to send me out one of their prototypes to review.

Vintage vibes with the Vapaus Veli

As you probably surmised from that title, I have a thing for alliteration. Well, several types of word play, but we have what we have on hand. Know what else I have a thing for? As it turns out, it’s watches with a slick vintage feel. Show me a watch with a thin case, minimal bezel, and a visibly domed crystal, and I am definitely paying attention. This is a style that we see pop up now and again, and I do not get tired of running across it. The latest iteration find itself with a Swiss-made heart, and goes by the name of the Vapaus Veli.

Review – Poljot Aviator Limited Edition

Poljot means flight in Russian. They were the first watches in space, worn on April 12, 1961 by Yuri Gagarin and, but this is just rumor, but Strelka and Belka, the first dogs in space. This Poljot is a limited edition Aviator with sword hands, date a 6 o???clock, and a sweep second hand at 9 o???clock.

Archimede Deck Watch, Hot Stuff

Achimede Deck Watch 01There is something just so lovely about a clean white watch with blued hands in my eyes, which is why I was immediately drawn to the Archimede Deck Watch, now with heat blued hands done in-house.  German made, with an ETA hand wound movement, this classic design is a great looking watch, and I am guessing will make it into my Father’s Day recommendations.

My Blancier Article in InSync

I wrote a profile of Blancier for InSync magazine, one of the best titles out there for U.S. watch coverage—I’m not just saying that, either. Go and get yourself a copy and read some of their great Basel coverage and to read my interviews with Willem Kamerman and Till Lottermann, two of the coolest watch ninjas out there.

The Moser Endeavour Perpetual Moon Concept Aventurine – to infinity and beyond!

When it comes to dial materials, we?re the most familiar with brass, as those are the blanks that make up many dials. They?re often painted or coated (enamels being a lovely option) but that?s not all there is. When you get into the semi-precious stones, then some amazing looks can be achieved. While I?m fond of mother-of-pearl, the starry-night effect you can get from aventurine is another top favorite. Recently, the Moser Endeavour Perpetual Moon Concept Aventurine, and I was simultaneously smitten and irritated.