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What the Moonswatch means

Like Obi-wan grunting on the Millennium Falcon, you may have noticed a great disturbance in the force. That’s because Swatch and Omega just launched a the Moonswatch, a series of watches dedicated to various planets and spheroids including Earth’s moon, Venus, and Mars. The watches come in multiple colors and are made of something called bioceramic which, is a plastic made of castor bean oil and zirconium oxide. The watches themselves run a quartz chronograph movement and use the same SuperLuminova that is found on the original Speedmaster, the so-called Moonwatch. The branding is Omega x Swatch – a suggestion that this is a crossover akin to a Supreme collab – and the entire thing is ingenious.

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is coming up, and as a service to those gift challenged male readers out there, I though I would highlight a few watches that you may want to get for the woman (or women) in your lives.  I am mainly going to focus on watches that we have reviewed relatively recently, though there are a few extras tossed in here.  So without further ado, here is our Mother’s Day Gift Guide.

Introducing: Swatch Big Bold Planets


Hey, you remember the Swatch Big Bold line, right? We reviewed one of the “Jelly” options not that long ago (you can see that here), and the brand has kept iterating on that design, bringing us some big blasts of color in the form of Swatch Big Bold Planets.

Swatch Sistem51 Update, Something for Everyone

Swatch Sistem 51 005When Swatch debuted the Sistem51 automatic, I was excited about the prospect of a very affordable Swiss made automatic, but I was not all that excited by the design choices.  The original four designs definitely showed the Swatch DNA, but they were not designs I would wear, other than as a novelty.  With the Swatch Sistem51 update released earlier this year, there are 5 new watches in the family, really expanding the appeal.

Swatch has Father’s Day covered


Father’s Day is coming up in June, and there will be tons of “world’s greatest dad” gear getting gifted, we’ve no doubt. What if you want to mix it up some, and tell your dad that he’s a star in your world? Then you’ve got the Swatch Star Dad helping you out.

Watching the Web for April 25, 2015

Morning Dew On A Web Desktop BackgroundWelcome back (or just welcome if this is your first time here) to our weekly installment, Watching the Web, where we point out  interesting watches and articles that have popped up over the last week (or so), and we take a second look at our more popular posts over the same span. Today, I am going to highlight the Urwerk UR-105 TA from A Blog to Watch, Hodinkee’s look at the NOMOS Lambda, and a Kickstarter campaign for hand made watch boxes.  From our site, we have an exclusive review of the Filson Journeyman GMT, a look at the Swatch Sistem 51 update, and for the 3rd week in a row, the Ventus Caspian on Kickstarter.

Swatch is Clearly heading to the Olympics


While these two recent Swatch releases aren’t necessarily tied to one another, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to put that headline in front of you. So, today, we’ll have a quick run through of the Swatch Clear line that just came out, as well as the watches they’re releasing for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.

Watching the Web For August 1, 2015

Morning Dew On A Web Desktop BackgroundAre we officially in the dog days of summer with the start of August?  Where did the summer go?  Regardless, we are at a weekend, and that means we have our Saturday post, Watching the Web, where we look in on watch related posts on other sites, and take a look back at our own most popular recent posts.  This week, Slate (a news site) ran an article on the surprising watch it thinks will revolutionize the Swiss Watch Industry, Worn & Wound’s looked at the Seiko X Nano Universe collection, and ABTW’s featured a write up of the Rpaige Crash of 29.  From our own pages, the Orient Mako, Redux & Co Courg, and the Æther Watch Co. AE01 were all top reads.

In Review: Swatch x Peanuts


Last month, we brought you word of a new Swatch x Peanuts collection (you can see that here). As I’ve got a few Peanuts fans in our house, this was a collection that we wanted to get in and check out in person. So, here we are with a closer look at the new Swatch x Peanuts collection.

Swatch to release $8,000 Turn to Him and Turn to Her tourbillons

A little bird sent us these images Swatch’s upcoming Tourbillon collection, the Turn to Her and Turn to Him. I don’t have much information but I do know that Swatch used to make automatic mechanical movements but stopped some time in this decade. This new movement appears to use a rotating cage to move the balance wheel in a full rotation around the central stalk, a design decision which differs from the standard stationary tourbillon cage.