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The Tutima Grand Flieger invites you to join the 3,600-foot-high club


Whether you’re going up in a Sopwith Camel or a 737, Tutima is the brand to beat when it comes to aviation watches. An no aviation watch is more iconic than the Flieger, a massive watch with huge crown designed for aviators of a different era.

Shinola is going monster hunting

Shinola.  Like ‘em or leave ‘em, there really is no disputing that they are a presence in the watch market.  A lot of that comes from the story crafted around the brand and the ties into a revitalizing Detroit.  I mean, that’s what first came to my attention (given my roots in the area), and I’ve covered and reviewed a good number of their watches so far.  One complaint some watch folks may have is that Shinola has only been producing quartz watches.  Well, with the just-announced Shinola Lake Erie Monster, that changes.

Oakley comes down to earth (or at least closer)


I’m usually a function over form type of guy, but the Oakley watches have frequently struck a chord with me. The Timebomb™ really stood out in the crowd, as did the GMT. But these were originally listed well over $1000, and for a watch based on a Seiko movement, I can’t get there from here. I eventually ended up with both of those watches, but had been able to negotiate a better price. I like these watches a lot, but not at full price.

Oakley has released some new watches, but now the prices are a little more reasonable. The two that jumped out at me are the JUDGE® II Dual Time, and the 10th Mountain Division HOLESHOT™ Watch. The Judge Dual Time is a little steep at a list price of $825 ($725 for the leather strap), but the Holeshot is a little more reasonable at $550.

It’s sale time on the Polar Vantage lineup!


I’ve been a fan of the watches that Polar creates (which I’ve reviewed here and right over here). If you’ve been wanting to pick one up, I’ve got good news for you – they’ve got three models on discount!

Introducing: Timex Waterbury Ocean


We’ve seen a number of watch brands utilizing recycled ocean plastic that comes from #tide Ocean Material. We’re glad to see those materials not just getting removed from the oceans, but also being put to new use in consumer goods. The latest to take advantage of this trend is the newly announced Timex Waterbury Ocean.

Fossil’s OLED Watches

No real info on these guys yet, but Fossil has been playing with OLEDS a lot and here’s some live video of them in action.

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REVIEW: TokyoFlash Online



A few weeks ago, we first brought to your attention the newest watch from TokyoFlash, the Online.  Back then, we told you that we hoped to have a hands-on review, and today is the day that we give you that impression.

JeanRichard Aeroscope Chronograph Review – Back In Black



When it comes to the watches that JeanRichard is producing, I’ve been pleasantly surprised, as I noted in my earlier review of the Terrascope. While it might be tempting to think of the lineup as boring due to the similar case designs, I think it instead speaks to a cohesive brand language. With the JeanRichard Aeroscope Chronograph, we’ve got some more variety injected in.

Breitling Plays A Power Chord

We all know that rappers love fine wristwatches but the rockers don’t get quite as much attention for their timepiece selections.

So we thought it interesting when author and contributor to WWR’s early days Thomas Scott McKenzie dug up this photo of Slash wearing what appears to be a Breitling Chronomat with UTC module. At the time, Scott was making the rounds on the hard rock festival circuit in research for his new book Power Chord: One Man’s Ear-Splitting Quest to Find His Guitar Heroes. He interviewed famous rockers such as Phil Collen from Def Leppard, the guys from Judas Priest, the stable of KISS guitarists, and others. Along the way, he shot a ton of concerts and soundchecks.

Rossling & Co looks to fund their new Metropolitan


It can be quite a treat to see a brand come along and then start to explore new avenues of design. One such of those brands would be Rossling & Co. We became aware of them early on in their kickstarted existence, and just recently they started up a new project, with a design that takes their previous design in a new direction. So, what does the new Rossling & Co Metropolitan collection have in store for you?